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Keith and Priscilla Parker

A Word From The Pastors: “Priscilla and I are totally committed to our Lord Jesus Christ. And through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will bring all glory and honor to Him through Community Church. We cannot change our past, but can shape our future by the decisions we make today. Our decision today is to seek to bring unity to the Body of Christ. Thank you to the community and surrounding areas of Arab for embracing us and encouraging us in every way, as we pray and work together in unity and one accord” – Pastor Keith Parker.

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Darrell and Elizabeth Fitch

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Sr. Pastor Keith Parker 

Founder, Chairman of the Board – 2006

Dr. Priscilla Parker , Co-Chairman – 2006

Darrell Fitch – 2011

Darren Kensing – 2015

Rick Bush – 2017